Terms & Conditions

We always do our best for customers and pride ourselves on being honest and reliable. Below are our terms and conditions of trading, please read this before buying items.

Items can be reserved for 10 days without obligation to buy, after 10 days the items will go back up for sale if no appointment to view it has been made. If an appointment is made and not kept, the reservations will be removed and the items relisted for sale. Once paid for items can be stored for free for up to 14 days, after 14 days storage is charged at £10 per item per week, payable in advance. If arrangements are not made to store the item it will be relisted for sale after 14 days.

Items are described as accurately as possible giving an approximate date of manufacture, dimensions and a condition report. Details given are approximate and are not legally binding.

Most items are second hand and have some wear; the buyer is responsible for assessing the wear and using items accordingly. If you require instructions for items please look online at the manufacturer’s website. Second To None is not liable for any damage, loss or injury caused by any products sold. All items are ‘sold as seen’.

Some older soft furnishings might not comply with current fire regulations and may be sold as ‘a piece of design’ or for ‘refurbishment’. The responsibility is on the buyer to refurbish the item before placing it in a dwelling/public space.

The buyer is responsible for the safe use of any products sold.

Electrical items have a basic function test and a full ‘Portable appliance test’ by a qualified person before being sold. This ensures they are safe at the point of being tested. Items all have a 7 day money back guarantee; we do not offer repair or replacement, simply a full refund on return of the item. Items are guaranteed for domestic use only (not commercial); misuse, accidental damage or deliberate damage is not covered in the guarantee. Consequential costs are not covered by the guarantee. Second To None is not liable for any damage, loss or injury caused by any products sold. Items are all ‘sold as seen’.

Deliveries are to the ground floor only, access must be clear of any hazards. Please ensure any dogs liable to bite are in another room. Every care is taken when delivering items but due to the size of items sometimes walls/floors may get damaged. Please cover any flooring where needed and move any breakable items out of the way. Second To None can take no responsibility for damage to property while delivering. Sometimes customers are required to assist moving large items, this is done at their own risk.

If items are delivered by a courier or third party they are responsible for the goods while in their care.

If items are collected from the warehouse we can assist to load items, but we can take no responsibility for any damage caused to vehicles. If boot lids are tied down or put on a roof rack we can assist but ‘Second To None’ is not responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle. The driver has the responsibility of carrying a ‘safe load’ and must ensure the load is secure before leaving.

Customers are welcome to make an appointment to view items before purchase. Items can be returned within 7 days only if the items are faulty, not as described or not fit for the purpose intended. The cost of returning the item is to be paid for by the customer.

The warehouse is open by appointment only. Items are usually moved outside ready for viewing / collection. For safety reasons, customers are not allowed in the warehouse. If it is necessary for customers to enter the warehouse, it is done so at their own risk.