The Environment.....

At Second to None we are committed to reusing and recycling.

By selling used items we are reducing the need for new materials being used. Every piece of used wooden furniture prevents more trees being cut down. Any metal items we sell reduces the need to extract raw materials from the earth.

By buying second hand items you are reusing, which is even more efficient than recycling as it doesn't require any energy to convert it into something new. The secondhand and antique trade has been reusing and recycling for hundreds of years, long before it was considered the right thing to do.

At Second to None we make a real effort to sell used items, anything that cannot be resold or reused we try to recycle. We recycle clothes and materials and some metals ourselves and pass on items to charities where possible.

Any items that cannot be reused or recycled we have to dispose of. Often in house clearances we clear all of the contents and have to dispose of anything that we can't sell, recycle or reuse, E.g. Old mattresses, broken furniture, etc.

When faced with disposing of unusable items we don't take it straight to landfill as this is not the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of waste, it is also a long way from Stamford and uses unnecessary fuel.

Instead we take our waste to the local licensed commercial waste and recycling facility, where they recycle the items that we can't recycle ourselves. They recycle metal, wood, cardboard, paper, textiles, plastics, soil, hardcore and green waste.

Any leftover unrecyclable materials they take in bulk to the nearest landfill site, making the journey there more fuel efficient.

We have found that our approach to disposing of waste is the most efficient and is the greenest way possible as anything that can be resold, reused or recycled is, and the leftovers are safely disposed of. As a licensed waste carrier we ensure that all waste is safely disposed of at a licensed site.

Our collections and deliveries are carried out in our own vehicle. Where possible we link several jobs together to make the journey as economical as possible.

Our current vehicle is run on diesel; we have looked at Auto gas, hybrid and vegetable oil as alternative fuels, sadly none of these are viable or possible for our current vehicle. Hopefully in the future we can use a cleaner fuel. For the time being we ensure our vehicle is regularly serviced, tyres kept at the correct pressure, and driven carefully to make it as efficient as possible.

As a 'green business' we care about the environment and make every effort to reduce waste, energy and pollution. We are members of the Antiques are Green project.